Research Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University

Jacobs and Featheringill Hall #382
Dept. of EECS, Vanderbilt University
400 24th Ave S, Nashville, TN, USA


Welcome to my website !!

I am a Reseach Assitant Professor in the Computer Science Department of Vanderbilt University working in the Scalable Computing Laboratory team.
I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign whie holding a research assistanship with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications funded by the Blue Waters project.

My research interests are in the broad area of performance optmization and resiliency for High Performance Computing, Clouds and distributed computing systems and applications. My research focuses on designing new runtime systems (including scheduling policies, I/O middleware, fault tolerance mechanism and resource sharing policies) as well as analyzing and optimizing algorithms.

More recent, I have started working on computational data science in HPC, with a special focus on irregular applications. I am interested in understanding the computational needs of emerging new fields that do not follow the traditional HPC/Cloud models (like neuroscience and bioinformatics). Data-intensive computing and the HPC/Big-Data/Machine Learning convergence are also topics of interest.

For more information about projects I am involved in, my publications and open source tools I have developed, take a look at my Github page.

Feel free to check out my work and if you have any questions, or would like to work together, don't hesitate to contact me.

Other links: Github - Linked-in profile - Google citations

Funding available for a graduate student in the Scalable Computin Laboratory team. The general topic is performance optimization for HPC scientific applications.
For a complete list of publications visit my dblp page.

Latest publications

I/O scheduling strategy for periodic applications Guillaume Aupy, Ana Gainaru, Valentin Le Fevrez [ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing 2019]

Speculative Scheduling Techniques for Stochastic HPC Applications Ana Gainaru, Guillaume Pallez (Aupy), Hongyang Sun, Padma Raghavan [Submitted at ICPP 2019]

On-the-fly scheduling vs. reservation-based scheduling for unpredictable workflows (Link) Ana Gainaru, Hongyang Sun, Guillaume Aupy, Yuankai Huo, Bennett A. Landman, Padma Raghavan [Special Issue of the IJHPCA 2019]

Reservation Strategies for Stochastic Jobs (Link to extended technical report) Guillaume Aupy, Ana Gainaru, Valentin Honor, Padma Raghavan, Yves Robert, Hongyang Sun [IPDPS 2019]

Scheduling Parallel Tasks under Multiple Resources: List Scheduling vs. Pack Scheduling (Link to technical report) Hongyang Sun, Redouane Elghazi, Ana Gainaru, Guillaume Aupy, Padma Raghavan [IPDPS 2018]

Older selected publications

Using InfiniBand Hardware Gather-Scatter Capabilities to Optimize MPI All-to-All Richard Graham, Ana Gainaru, Artem Polyaiov and Gilad Shainer [EuroMPI 2016]

Fault prediction under the microscope: A closer look into HPC systems Ana Gainaru , Franck Cappello, Marc Snir, William Kramer [SC 2012]

Modeling and Tolerating Heterogeneous Failures in Large Parallel Systems Eric Heien, Derrick Kondo, Ana Gainaru , Dan LaPine, Bill Kramer, Franck Cappello [SC 2011]
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